About Us

Xavier and François, the inseparables.


Reflekkt was born at the end of 2018 from a friendship of more than 15 years between Xavier Devalck and François Martel. 


Both have a passion for beautiful things and like to combine the softness of the mirror with raw textures, which they translate into precious lights and furniture.

These are unique pieces because they are handmade in Belgium, made to measure for each customer.


Their talent is also expressed in their main activity.

Each one has his own style in a very particular field.

Xavier manages guest rooms and François is an office designer.


The duo creates an elegant and simple design with precise and clean lines.

Their first collection consists of pieces that find their strength in refined contours and create a feeling of spacious- and lightness in the interiors.

The eyecatcher of the collection is a 200 cm high mirror fixture that gives depth to the space in which it is located.